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Orthopedic Central Intake


Improved access to Medical Specialists is part of the overall System Coordinated Access Initiative in the region of Waterloo Wellington. 


Central Intake for Orthopedics offers a single point of contact for all providers to refer any/all Orthopedic services.  One standard referral form provides consistency to ensure a complete referral as well as to provide data collection to support system improvement. 


All referrals are reviewed for completeness and sent to either the preferred orthopedic surgeon or the most appropriate orthopedic surgeon, based on the patient home address and primary problem area.  



Referral Options


To send an eReferral, click here.  For a demo of the Ocean eReferral system, click here.


For a paper copy of the referral form, click here.


If you would like an electronic form for your EMR, please call us at 519-947-1000 or 1-844-204-9088, option 3, or email us at msci@langs.org.




Hips and Knees


Improving access to care for people struggling with hip and/or knee pain is a priority for the province.  To address this concern, three Hip and Knee Orthopedic Assessment Clinics (OACs) are being established in Waterloo-Wellington Region.  In these clinics, a specially trained physiotherapist will assess each person to determine the urgency of referral.  This appointment will then be followed by an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to determine if it is a surgical or non-surgical case. 


If the referral meets the criteria for the Hip and Knee OAC clinic, Central Intake will direct the referral to the appropriate clinic. 


A similar model, the Musculoskeletal Assessment Clinic (MAC) in Kitchener is currently being transitioned to a new Hip and Knee Orthopedic Assessment Clinic (OAC).  Clinics are also being established in Guelph and Cambridge and should be opening this summer.


The OAC clinic for Kitchener Waterloo is located at the MSK Centre.  

The OAC clinic for Guelph will be established at Wellington Ortho and Rehab.

The OAC clinic for Cambridge will be established at Cambridge Memorial Hospital